Wireless system @transmission at 3Gbps

A team of researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed a new wireless transmission system. The systemt works at the range of 300GHz to 3THz (terahertz), which is the Far Infrared (FIR) frequencies spectrum. That spectrum is currently totally unregulated by any country or standards organization in the world, making it ripe for development of new technologies. So far the Japanese researchers have transmitted data at 3Gbps, but in theory speeds of up to 100Gbps should be possible.
The new “T-ray” wireless transmission system is similar to WiGig in that it requires line of sight and can transmit large amounts of data at once. However, WiGig runs at “just” 60GHz, meaning it can actually work with distances larger than a couple of meters without significant power boosting. This T-ray system will be limited to 1-3 meters without significant power boosting. With power boosting, it could match or surpass WiGig in range.