Vettel’s Overtake was Legal: FIA

FIA which is the governing body of Formula 1 has declared that German F1 driver Sebastian Vettel’s overtaking Jean-Eric Vergne during the Brazilian Grand Prix was legitimate and informed that no team had approached FIA to inquire the act of the German.  
Vettel of Red Bull stood sixth in the race to win the F1 champion crown for the third straight year.  Fernando Alonso of team Ferrari finished second in the race and was three points behind Vettel in overall standing.
The FIA confirmed to AUTOSPORT that no team had asked for a review of the incident and it didnt comment on the stewards’ decisions. According to the rules applicable in Brazilian GP, if a green flag is displayed before a green light, the first green takes precedence. This was the exact case in Vettel’s overtake.
The race control was not informed as there was no violation of the rules. Hence, Vettel’s pass was legitimate, which is why race control was not informed of any potential infringement.