Vettel’s Best Yet to Come- Horner

Christian Horner who is the boss of F1 Team Red Bull has said that his driver Sebastian Vettel’s best is yet to come. Vettel has won three consecutive Formula 1 championships and at 25, became the youngest triple champion in the history of F1. He also emulated Juan Manuel Fangio and Michael Schumacher as the only other F1 drivers to clinch three titles in a row.
Horner admitted that the records set by seven time champion Schumacher of wining 91 races and 7 championships would be difficult to match or break, Vettel has the talent and is still to reach his peak. He is having a remarkable career with 26 wins so far and is likely to improve and develop as a driver according to Horner.
Horner agreed that in order to repeat the same performance next year and to stay ahead of the rivals, Red Bull would need to evolve and improve as F1 does not stand still. 2013 was regarded as the toughest year by Horner as Red Bull had to come from behind to make its way take the drivers’ and teams’ race. He was wary of the fact that the rival team would be working hard in the winter to improve and would try to come hard on us. So we need to learn from our mistakes and improve.
  According to Horner, Red Bull had a great foundation, a great basis and a great team of professionals who will improver over the off season. The team knows how to improve again as they have done it before.