Transform iPhone into a 14-megapixel snapper

 (Cnet) The magnificently named foto. sosho camera is more full stops than f-stops, and clips snugly around an iPhone. It’ll feature four different models that offer different lens types, the Telegraph reports.
Transform iPhone into a 14-megapixel snapper
The gadget transforms your iPhone into a 14-megapixel snapper, so it’ll be interesting to see if the new sensor and lens do actually beef up image quality. Brilliantly, says the gadgets were developed at “the cost of two DJ gigs”, possibly overestimating the average punter’s grasp of live music financials.
Lenses on offer include standard, fish-eye, wide and zoom, and options will be available for the iPhone 4 and 4S, as well as the more recent iPhone 5.
Owners of the most recent Apple smart phone will have to hold fire howeverwhile the iPhone 4/4S-compatible foto.sosho is out on 6 December, the iPhone 5 model won’t ship until next year. It will have a new sensor and flash though apparently, so y’know, swi.ngs and ro.unda.bouts.
‘Contemporary’ and ‘vintage’ models are available, with the contemporary option selling for £199 and the gold-trim vintage offering priced at — wait for it — £299. That pricier model also has a slide-out keyboard, which will have to dispense chocolate and massages in order to justify the monster markup.
An accompanying app will offer Instagram-esque filters and social sharing capabilities, so all your Facebook friends can see you spent at least £200 to take old-timey pictures of your lunch.
The brash gadgets will be available exclusively from Selfridges. Are you tempted? Tell me in the comments or on our exquisitely punctuated Facebook wall.