Change Menu color in Max magzine wordpress theme

After installation of Max magzine theme for my website I wondered how to customize the theme by changing Menu color in Max magzine wordpress. I searched for lot of plugins but in vain.Ultimately i got it it was so simple to change the menu color with few lines CSS code.The option of CSS code is available in Max magzine theme.The following procedure will change the color of your menu Text and background assuming that you have already configured your Menu using Appearance–> Menu options…(Means you have made a Default Menu)

Go to Appearence–>Theme options—>click Ads and custom style


Here you will find two boxes

the header ad code and

Enter your custom CSS styles.

Delete all the code from the header ad code and your custom css styles

Now in Enter your custom css file add following code

#nav ul {margin: 0; padding: 0;
list-style-type: none; list-style-image:
#nav li {display: inline; }
#nav ul li a {text-decoration:none; margin: 2px;
padding: 2px 12px 2px 12px; color: white;
background: BLACK;}
#nav ul li a:hover {color: black;
background: white; }

Now click save settings and you are done you have a beautiful menu with white text and black background and hovering over will change background to white ant text to blue.

Below is my website menu text and backgrounds before adding code and after adding css code



css-code-max magzine

You can change all these colors by playing around with the code.for background instead of white and black you can use any colorlike …red,blue,purple,yellow etc

the dimensions of menu block can be change by changing the padding values in above mentioned code…you can use 5px,18px,5px,18px or any other value to adjust..

Also the gap between different menu members can be controlled by changing margin value of 2px to another.