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Cisco Systems has acquired policy vendor BroadHop

Cisco Systems the networking giant has acquired policy vendor BroadHop. The acquisition seems to be Cisco system strategy to shape the mobile data traffic will buy up for an undisclosed sum.

BroadHop has developed a policy server and traffic management deployed in over 70 mobile carrier networks and wire-line across the world. The sophisticated technology gives flexibility to the carrier to develop service tiers that is based on application or band width . With the help of such policy users who pay more per month can get comparatively high speeds.


Besides speeding up or down your connection by implementing server policy BroadHop’s technology can be implemented in many other sophisticated tiers such as Policy for VoIP plans or video-streaming which will provide priority video or IP communications packets. Based on policy traffic at different speed and different rates will be available to the users.

All these features of Broadhops technology drived Cisco for acquisition of company for better services to customers and to strengthen its revenue.

Hilton Romanski, Vice President of Corporate Business Development, in a statement in the Cisco blog post, said that Cisco’s will acquire BroadHop and make it a part of mobile carrier group and the new technology would serve as a base line for Cisco to built more applications. Romanski hinted that BroadHop tech can be used for mobile video-on-demand service.

Operators like Leap and Verizon are already working on the concept of turbo speed internet technology with just a single click on mobile phones.


Sprint Nextel Corp. to acquire wireless carrier Clearwire Corp. for $2.2 billion

Sprint Nextel Corp. has finalized a deal to acquire wireless carrier Clearwire Corp. for $2.2 billion said Sprint Nextel Corp on Monday.

After acquiring Sprint’s Clearwire Corp and get regulation from federal regulators Sprint will be able to compete agrisively with larger rivals Verizon Wireless and AT&T Inc. Currently,Sprint Nextel Corp is the country’s third largest carrier.

Sprint Nextel Corp acquires Clearwire Corp.
Chief Executive Dan Hesse said that the finalization of deal marks another significant step by Sprint to compete its rivals and offer customers better products and services with more.
In early hours on Monday Sprint’s stock slided down slightly. Sprint already has 51 percent of Clearwire shares. Sprint offer for the company was $2.60 a share for the remaining of company shares that it offered last month which it later on Thursday upped to $2.90 a share. With this offer the overall bid was worth $2.1 billion. However Sprint further gearing up and rised the share value to $2.97 a share to finally secure the deal.