Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails For Blogger/Blogspot
Recent Posts widget/gadget with thumbnails is an important and interesting element of your Blog. It gives your viewers a better and easy chance to navigate to your recent posts,besides making your blog more cool attracting the eyes of visitors.This post explains how to add Recent Posts widget in Blogger with image thumbnails on your Blog’s Sidebar.You can also configure the number of posts displaying on the left side bar.
Recent Posts widget in blogger

Follow the steps below:

1. Go To Blogger > Layout
2. Click on “Add a Gadget”
3. Select HTML/JavaScript
4. Paste the following code:

By default, this widget is set to display 4 recent posts and will pick from the last 10 posts posted. You can change the number 10 with the number of posts desired.

Also if you want to display more than 4 posts on the left side bar than in the code add following code after imgr[4] = “”;

imgr[5] = “”;

You can increase the number of posts by adding additional lines of code as above and increasing th number on left of code in imgr[desired number]