Punjab assembly official website hacked
pakistani hackers  hacked official website of Punjab assembly www.pab.gov.pk
Punjab assembly
The hackers put the words Pakistan Zindabad on the web page with a cartoon animation in the center.The site further displays

Pr!mE Shad0w was here .. Admin Secure your Site … You can get Access of It from me on my fb ID … http://www.facebook.com/prime.shadoow … Dont worry You will get it 🙂 Just Contact me ….”


“Pakistan ZindaBad”

Thanks to: THA , PCA , VBOH , ANON PAk , TCS , La. Crews ,Codebo0t3r , SOG , P4k-CoMManDeR”

The hacker says that he can be contacted on his facebook id at http://www.facebook.com/prime.shadoow