Maluuba is the natural evolution of search. It helps you find exactly what you want, helps you organize life, and lets you share interesting results with your friends. No more filtering through web search results, figuring out what keywords to say, or deciding which app on your phone to open – just speak to Maluuba, and it’ll give you exactly what you want. Maluuba is a ‘do-engine’ – it gets things done.
Natural Interaction
Maluuba understands natural conversation and translates it into geographically relevant results that are sharable and organizable to help you easily plan your everyday life. You can speak your thoughts naturally, the way you would to a friend, and Maluuba will return the things you want.
User Interface
Natural voice input is incredibly powerful, but it isn’t always appropriate. That’s why Maluuba is also fully touch accessible. You can search for things, keep track of your daily activities and connect with friends through both voice and touch.
Rich Content
Maluuba currently supports 18 different domain categories including movies, events, weather, finding businesses, and many more.