Luna Revival Plan, Price up by 1,000%

Should I buy Luna now? or is it a good time to enter in Luna spot trading? How much risk is involved?..These are the concerns and questions many new comers and even those who want to recover from losses amid market conditions are curious about. However, the answer to these is simple and that is how much risk you can take. You may gain huge profits and multiply your investment by putting just a small amount or your assets may wash out. This all depends how much you can absorb. So the advise is invest a small amount which may not hurt you, if you even loose it.

Luna which was trading around $100 last month just crashed to almost zero this week. The associated stablecoin UST completely lost its peg to the U.S. dollar. In order to maintain UST pegging with dollar, the Terraform Labs and the Luna Foundation Guard, , this week printed and increased the Luna supply from 340 million to 6.5 trillion which was totally a failed attempt. But now after a long silence, Chief Executive of UST and Luna developer Terraform Labs, Do Kwon, have revealed some plans that may help in Luna price recovery. The positive news has already helped Luna to surge over 1,000%. Under the plan, 1 billion tokens would be created and distributed, 40% for Luna holders before UST de-pegging, 40% to UST holders “pro-rata at the time of new network upgrade, 10% to Luna holders before the chain halt, and 10% future development community.