HP accepts that its partners Area SpA may have sold tracking technology to Syrian government

Although HP has exclusively denied direct involvement in selling of Tracking products to the Syrian government but on the other hand it has admitted that any of its partners or re sellers may have breached the US sanctions and sold such sensitive equipment to Syria.
HP which responded on the matter in a private letter to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last month has now been made public in which it accepts that likely one of its partners may have sold tracking and surveillance products to the Italian company Area SpA without knowing that the equipment will be further transported to Syria.
Previously HP technology has been involved in helping the Syrian government to track its citizens’ communications.
If Hp involvement in such deals with syria is confirmedthen it may face trials over breaching US economic sanctions which strictly prohibit the export of most of US manufactured components to the Arab country.
HP is in contact with Area SpA to resolve the issue.