How to display swf file in blogger
Showing Swf files in your blogger is very easy. Just follow the following steps.

  • create swf file
  • upload it on a swf hosting website
  • In Blogger Layout Add a Gadget–>HTML/java script–>
  • Put embeded HTML code of Just few lines and you are done

1. First of all obviously you need swf file that you want to display on your blog.(if you have time just create it or as a sample you can use my swf created file and code as mentioned in later paras)

2. If you want to make swf file you need swf editor software like Photo flash maker .You can download Photoflash maker from this web link

3. It is very easy to make swf file. The swf editor already has some themes like the below one.You just add photos e.g from your posts in it.

4. Also you can add text and link the photos to your posts by adding the required post link in the editor photo options. Its quite easy just down load the software and create swf file.In Photoflash maker after adding photos and corresponding links click publish.Ensure object embedded option is checked and click publish now.It will create a swf file folder.In the file along with .swf you will also have html file.

5. Now you need an swf file hosting website.So that you can upload your .swf  file to it.A good one is the upload icon and give the path of file where your .swf file is located.

6. After uploading the file you need the web link where your .swf file is uploaded and put the link in code mentioned below . (In after uploading .swf file you will be given different link options to your .swf file. Just Copy the Direct link: and paste it in following code (in place of Your direct web link for swf file)

7. I also created and uploaded a .swf file and my direct link was

so my code become


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