Google has spent $400 million for purchasing ICOA

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Google has spent $400 million for purchasing ICOA
Google has spent $400 million for purchasing ICOA (host broadband wireless Internet network provider) for giving Wi-Fi access to its users in heavily populated public places. Currently, ICOA is providing its services in 40 states. The major clients include airports and hotels. 
This is Google’s second big venture into Wi-Fi after the leading search engine service provider layed wifi network in Mountain View, Calif. 
Google is mainly relying on its fiber network however the purchase seems an attempt so that the consumers get better access to the Internet via Wi-Fi in more populated areas via smartphones, tablets and laptops.
The ICOA solution includes:
  • Tight integration with leading access control devices
  • 100% custom branded enduser experience
  • Billing module connects to your merchant gateway for immediate payments
  • Whole-sale transaction based pricing structure for quick profits
  • Easy to use self service administration portal

This new deal seems to be a gold mine for Google to sell its advertisements and make most of the profit by providing the sponsorship to ICOA and providing free Wi-Fi for users,.

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