Get Google Adsense Approved in Pakistan

Most of bloggers just starts bogging to earn money and that is very true for bloggers in Pakistan. In the beginning everybody put efforts and posts lot of contents on his / her blog .Then apply for Google Adsense but it adds to their worries when they see that their application has been declined…So what seems so easy in the start turns too difficult..Most of us then start looking for alternatives of Google Adsense (Like Clicksor,Infolinks etc)… It is fact that Google Adsense account approval polices, especially for those living in Pakistan.
One of the main reasons that the Google Adsense application of most of the Pakistanis are not approved is because of spammers in Pakistan. So what the spammers do? The make a blog on blogger or WordPress. Post some articles or web contents on them that they have simply copied from other websites like etc. Then they get Google Adsense account created via third party websites and upon approval display adsense on their blogs. After that they sell these blogs to innocent Pakistanis by telling that these spammy blogs drives lot of traffic and Google Adsense accounts are active on these blogs. And innocent bloggers pay money in thousands to these cheaters.

Due to this bad situation in Pakistan getting Google Adsense is a little difficult in our country. However, following are some useful tips to get your Google adsense approved.

5 Tips To Get Google Adsense Approved in Pakistan

1.  For sure you need a website or Blog. For blog Blogger is better option. You can also use Word press but as you know that Blogger is owned by Google so you can understand why it’s a little easy to get Google Adsense account approved for Blogger than WordPress.

 2.   Wait for at least six months before applying for Google Adsense. Although waiting for six months will be worrying you but to get the Adsense account you must have a good traffic / No of visitors coming on your site daily. A figure of 400 visitors at least daily will make it easy to get your Adsense account approved. 
3. Optimize your website / Blog via SEO to drive more traffic.
4. Try to work hard and put good and quality content on your site. It will attract more audience to your Blog. Quality and quantity both matters.
5. Apply for Google Adsense once your Blog or website has all the above mentioned qualities.

You can achieve all the above mentioned qualities for your web site / Blog within less than six months but it requires more hard work and commitment. Best of luck.