Free Google tools
There are a number of free Google tools that google has offered for maintaining and optimizing blogs. However, most of us are not fully aware of them or are not utilizing them to improve our blogs.  A good blogger always keeps his site uptodate by using various tools and by studying his site health. So here is a list of some important tools that Google has offered to keep your site user friendly and optimized.
Google Webmasters Tools
It is one of the most popular free google tools provided by Google to diagnose any issues within your website, and to help keep your site Google search engine friendly.
This tool is used to identify any potential issues within your website that could cause you to lose traffic. You can also use Webmaster Tools to help Google understand which search queries your website is best suited to. You can then get a detailed overview of the queries, impressions and clicks from within your website which will help you to understand more about your users browsing behavior.
As you create pages on your website; you can use Webmaster Tools to track which other sites link back to these pages as well as how many times the pages appear within Googles search results. By analysing this data provided on Webmaster tools you will begin to understand which pages are the more successful within your website and can then adjust your strategy to optimise on this. All this makes Google Webmaster Tools one of the most powerful free Google tools available to use online.
Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps to improve on the analytics you can gain from within Webmaster Tools. You can analyze in depth data of your websites. 
Google Plus
Google plus is an important social media tool. You can promote your blog using your website or blog. You can make circles of your friends and share your blog writings with them just by one click. 
Google Authorship
This is a very good and impressive tool.Now you might have noticed that when you search on a google a thumbshot image of the author is also shown with some searches. This means that those bloggers have taken the time to create a Google Authorship account. By following a few simple instructions from Google you can implement this to your blog easily and ensure that each of your posts return a headshot next to your article within Googles search results. This will attract more clicks to your articles as you stand out from all those who have yet to still set up Google Authorship. 
So you can use all these free Google tools to save hundred of pounds that you are going to pay different SEO agencies.And if you are not using them already then start now and watch your websites natural growth improve.