Free AD posting sites Pakistan

AD posting and Data entry jobs are on rise in Pakistan. Although there are number of companies that claim that they are genuine and not a scam but one must be aware of frauds. A number of innocent people are trapped by these people and they loose money amounting Rs 10000 to 20,000. Although i have seen a number of guys getting income from AD posting on average from 10,000 to 25,000 but it requires a lot of time. Means at least 3 to 4 hours daily with full commitment. Moreover, AD posting is a copy and paste job and people gets tired of it. You will come across a number of websites when you google terms like online jobs in Pakistan or AD posting Jobs in Pakistan. After you have selected few, the check list  before applying for AD posting is as under. 

1. You must clearly know to whom the AD posting company belongs to , means from which country it is registered and whats its ranking.Its easy to find the details of the company by searching through websites like From there you will get the details of site ranking.Average visitors per day and its rank in Pakistan. It will help you while comparing different sites from which you want to choose from.

2. Secondly, its always useful to get interaction with a guy who is already working in AD posting with the chosen company. He will tell you that the company is worth it or not.

3. Thirdly, and one of the most important thing is that,if you are applying through a Franchise,you must be aware of the reputation of the person /owner of the franchise. Its is mainly the trust between you and him that will matter while getting your account in time and money postively by due time. Normally, the company you have applied for is Good one but the Franchise owner is sometimes not trust worthy and he can put you in trouble.

4. Always ask for receipt when paying for any package for AD posting.

5. Also if there is some assistant other than franchise owner get his contact noted. In case you have some mistrust / issues with owner you can seek some help through that assistant.

6. Before applying always ask for any hidden charges,fees.Also ask the exact date by which you will get your payment.

7. Remind you although it seems a little easy to cut , copy and paste but even than AD posting consumes your lot of time an energy. So its always helful to use auto fillers like Robo form etc

8. You must have a good list of AD posting websites. You can get a list from websites and filter them in excel,removing duplicates etc.

9. I personally have a list of 10,000 websites for ad posting and there is no duplication in that .You can contact me to send you the same.

To get a list of about 5000 AD posting sites click below