Flipboard for ipad

With more than 3 million iPads finding their way into consumer hands, the iPad has comfortably found a place for itself in the musical chairs game of consumer electronics. For the half-empty crowd, Flipbook is yet another Social media client that integrates a news aggregator as well, for everyone else, it is nothing short of a revolution in the representation of social media.
Flipboard takes your Facebook,Twitter and RSS feeds and puts them in a simple, slick and easy to read format that is similar to a magazine, or if you’re not a social media junkie, you can select to read from one from over two dozen preconfigured categories that are automatically populated by various Twitter lists and established sites, like the Onion and Boing Boing, that cover categories from photography and health to technology and food.
What Flipbook excels at is making your Facebook and Twitter friends content appear remarkable by taking various media and information and bringing them together in a holistic experience.Download at www.Flipboard.com