Facebook new applications update
For a while there has been no news or new offerings from social networking site Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) . However,there there are some new updates on the cards for the developers. Soon the application dashboard will receive new updates specifically aimed at the developers.

For the developers Facebook has introduced a simpler tab called Promote, which will allow them with tools required to publish an advertisement for the site. The Promote tab will contain all tools required by the developer to create the advertisements, although, despite this update,the website recommends the use of Power editor and API tools for better quality of Adverts. However, the new tab will provide an easy and huge help for developers by making thins more swift and efficient.

Facebook has also introduced an update and support for transparent icons. The new update whereby the PNG format icons will provide absolute transparency. In order to get the benefits of the icon transparency, new icons have to be uploaded by the developers. Moreover, company information entry task is no longer as complicated as it once was. The process now follows five very simple steps for the entry of the required information by the developers. The updates will start getting released, and will come out as functional ones within this month.The App Center will also have keyword search, which will make applications easy accesible.