Facebook and Dropbox
Facebook has recently started to offer the ability to send and share files on groups using an internal system.
Unfortunately, it is limited to 25 MB, and users want to be able to send larger amounts of data.
Well, considering that such improvements require infrastructure improvements, Facebook has chosen to team up with Dropbox to provide full service sharing.
In result of the partnership with Dropbox, now Facebook users can use their own accounts to make common group files of any size, and they appear as normal items that can receive comments and Like’s. Currently the function isn’t available for all users, but it’s already active and will soon appear as an option on all groups. Considering how easy it is to upload something on Dropbox and the fact that this service is available from any device, Facebook has chosen very well this service partnership.
Obviously, in this way, also Dropbox has the opportunity to increase their profits and therefore the number of users, because a normal account provides access to only 2 GB of storage space. Those who want more space have to pay a monthly fee