Eboz revealed to have gain access to NADRA and FIA websites

It was shocking that Google Pakistan was hacked by a hackers group named Eboz but it is more shocking news that Eb0z also accessed NADRA data base and FIA website, revealed by a 21 year Turkey based hacker in an interview to Techcrunch. The hacker Eboz earlier not only hacked the Google Pakistan website but also redirected 284 .PK domains by accessing PKNIC servers and also poisoning DNS servers.

Eboz PKNIC hack

NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) is an important governoment organization and is responsible for solutions related to National identity Cards.NADRA has a large data base of Pakistani nationals containing personal and private information.

The reason for hacking PKNIC and redirecting .PK domains eb0z explained:

Pakistani hackers claims themselves ‘worlds best hackers’. I wanted to show Pakistani hackers like zombie, and script-kiddie who hacked Google earlier also that hacking only Googleis not a big deal and there are few other big targets on this planet too for hacking big targets on the planet.

eb0z revealed that hacks like SQLi (SQL Injection) is easy and enough for insecure websites and Pakistani servers. eb0z also shared a bug with TechCrunch which is in PKNIC servers that helped him to hack it.