Earn online money in Pakistan


Note. The first step to earn online is to be patient ..Read the entire article to get benefit ..Just don’t glance at once and start exploring the opuertunities for earning online 

In todays world the use of internet is on rise and specially in pakistan people have now an easy and fast access to internet via DSL as well as PTCL’s Evo packages.There are lot of people who want to earn on line.Earning online money in pakistan without investment is very musch possible and people are earning thru it.The basic jobs for online earning are:-

1. AD posting Jobs
2. Data Entry Jobs
3. Websurfing jobs
4. Blogging

If you search on google about the online earning opertunities in Pakistan you will be confused to see lot of sites and people are offering differnt packages to you.Most of them are scams.So be aware before investing any where.

You can earn online in Pakistan by three ways:

1. Make a free account on internet and start earning
2. Buy a package from a company
3. Make your own blog e.gon WordPress.com or Blogger.com

Make a free account on internet and start earning. 

 If you are a starter i would recommend you that a good place for you to create an account is at www.zeekrewards.com

  • To make a free account on zeekreward plz  click here.
  • Following window will be opened click on continue

  • Select the country and click continue

  • Fill the form and continue
  • Click on create my free business centre 
  • Thats it . 
  • Now check your email address you have provided while filling the form
  • To add post go to www.zeekrewards.com 
  • Select AD posting
  • Click on step one and choose an AD to place
  • As you are free meember so select an AD from Zeekler.com classified and Text ADs

  • . Now go to step 2 select any free AD posting site
  • You may have to create an account on that site if required
  • e.g to post the abovementioned AD on olx
  • After posting the above copied AD on the website.copy the url link
  • Go to step three and enter as follows

 You are done you have posted your first add to start earning money

Buy a package from a company.  The second method is to buy a package from some company.They will provide you the Ads to post.Good ones are

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