Cyber security firm Clearswift has released Secure File Gateway

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Cyber security firm Clearswift has released Secure File Gateway
Cyber security firm Clearswift has released Secure File Gateway which is a tool to restrict and safe guard sensitive data from unauthorized access against security policies. The tool becomes active whenever someone tries to copy the sensitive data and tries to share it over the network within or outside departments or  organisation.
The tool is available at Licensing fee starting at £50,000 and support for larger files for extra cost of £5,000. Clearswift Secure File Gateway can be installed on Windows Server 2008 R2 or Enterprise editions with SP 1 Linux Red Hat Enterprise Server 6.1. A quad core server having minimum 8GB memory is recommended.
The tool is special purpose and aimed for security environments that includes financial services firms and defence sector.Dr Guy Bunker, Clearswift’s vice president of products told V3 in a statement.
Clearswift said that Secure File Gateway inspects files in this drop zone and also  apply data loss prevention security policies after analyzing the content of the files and associated metadata.
Any file which is suspected is moved to a quarantine from where administrator observes the violations. It can carry out in depth scan to words and phrases indicating a sensitive document in Excel worksheets and other formats according to Clearswift. It also uses Sophos Antivirus to check for malware. 

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