Create About Me Page in Blogger
About me page is one of the Most important Page of your Blogger. Beside telling people about yourself, It drives a lot of traffic to your blog.So how to create About me page in blogger.The best and easy way is to 

  • Create a post titled ‘About me’
  • Set its date to some old date so it does not appear on your front page or recent posts  list.
  • Then link the ‘About me’ Post from the home page.

Here is how to do it.

1. Create new post in blogger
2. Write About yourself in it and its better that you upload a picture.You can select the title post e.g ‘About me’
3. On the right hand side of Post you will find Published on description.Click it
4. Click set Date and time

5. Now if you want that your post should not appear on front page just change the Date to a very old..e.g 10 June 2009..
6. Also as you don’t want to be commented on your About me page.So click options and select Readers Don’t Allow and Done

7. Now publish Your post.
8. You are done you have created ‘About me’ Page with a title post ‘About me’.The post will appear published last in your Posts list.
9. To view the post on blogger dashboard select Post and Go to ‘About me’ post and click view.
10. You will be directed to About me page on your blogger. Copy the link address from the adress bar
11. The next thing is to make a link of About me page from the Home page.

12. Now go to Blogger Lay add Gadget HTML / Java script and Paste the following code

  • About me
  • 13. Your done
    14. ‘About me’ link will appear on your home page.
    15. You can also link to your about me page via your picture
    16. From layout..Add gadget select a picture and in Link …past the copied link
    17. In the upload choose a picture from your computer

    18. Now clicking the picture on home page will direct you to the About me page.