Cautious Display by South Africa pays Dividends

South African bowlers needed to adjust their line and length
After a demoralising first day with the ball, South African bowlers needed to adjust their line and length in order to come back strong, to prevent Australia from putting a huge total and have a chance in this test match. The bowlers already knew their mistake of bowling too short deliveries and didnt need to be briefed. 
This was what South African bowlers did exactly. The second day with the ball was 180 oposite to the first day. South Africa took 5 quick wickets giving only 68 runs to dismiss Australia for 550. The morning session started with Morkel adjusting his short balls to much fuller length, thus getting reward in shape of Clarke’s wicket. But he selectively bowled short balls too which paid dividends against tail enders. Morkel took five wickets. But that was not job over for SA. They needed to perform well with the bat too. They responded with a brilliant 138-run opening partnership. Graeme Smith’s captain’s knock of unbeaten century have kept them in the match but still a lot is to be done.
The South Africans were very cautious with their batting. Their scoring-rate was under 3.50 runs per over whereas Australia scored with 5.12. This approach is likely to stay until they find steady ground as three more days are still available. But the third day is going to be very important for SA to remain alive in the test match.