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Google maps is back for Apple’s IOS with additional features

Google maps application have make a come back for iPhones after almost three months. 
Google maps is back for Apple's IOS with additional features
This week Google launched its official version of the application for Apple’s iOS 6. Although a number of users were using google maps via browsers but now they can use it via proper IOS application.
The application introduced a number of new features for the users including turn-by-turn navigation, additional maps, 2D and 3D rotating views. Earlier these all features were available for android platform only but now iPhone users can also benefit from these features.
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Eboz revealed to have gain access to NADRA and FIA websites

It was shocking that Google Pakistan was hacked by a hackers group named Eboz but it is more shocking news that Eb0z also accessed NADRA data base and FIA website, revealed by a 21 year Turkey based hacker in an interview to Techcrunch. The hacker Eboz earlier not only hacked the Google Pakistan website but also redirected 284 .PK domains by accessing PKNIC servers and also poisoning DNS servers.

Eboz PKNIC hack

NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) is an important governoment organization and is responsible for solutions related to National identity Cards.NADRA has a large data base of Pakistani nationals containing personal and private information.

The reason for hacking PKNIC and redirecting .PK domains eb0z explained:

Pakistani hackers claims themselves ‘worlds best hackers’. I wanted to show Pakistani hackers like zombie, and script-kiddie who hacked Google earlier also that hacking only Googleis not a big deal and there are few other big targets on this planet too for hacking big targets on the planet.

eb0z revealed that hacks like SQLi (SQL Injection) is easy and enough for insecure websites and Pakistani servers. eb0z also shared a bug with TechCrunch which is in PKNIC servers that helped him to hack it.


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LHC adjourned the case on tax on international incoming calls till Jan,2012

Lahore High Court judge while hearing  a case on tax on international incoming calls yesterday,  adjourned the case till 14 th of next month i-e January  2013. The case was adjourned on request of Pakistan Telecommunication authority (PTA) counsel that federal government needs extra time to finalize notification for withdrawal of International Clearing House.

PTA tax

Now Overseas Pakistanis have to wait for another month till the start of Lahore High Court proceedings to get relief on calls which they make to their relatives and friends living in Pakistan.

The court while hearing the case earlier has asked Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to produce official document to explain its withdrawal of  International Clearing House (ICH).

PTA counsel, explained yesterday in front of court that the tax on international incoming calls was laid after directions from Ministry of Information and Technology.

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Windows Bing desktop application to set automatic wallpapers

Now Windows users can use Microsoft’s latest Windows desktop application that will automatically set Bing homepage as users wallpaper.

Microsoft desktop Bing app


The application will also add a search bar,trending terms and updated news to desktop.This application can be downloaded freely and once installed  will automatically load the current day’s Bing homepage and set it as users desktop wallpaper.

The application is also offering flexibility to change the background by selecting one from the prior nine days using search widget. A news feed is also added to the search bar, with hyperlinks for one click access to trending topics.

The idea came due to popularity of Bing’s stunning home screens and featured wallpapers which are popular  all over the world. Bing Desktop application is for users of Microsoft windows who loves amazing and stylish backgrounds with high resolutions.

The only one annoying thing is the propitiatory Bing logo in the lower right corner. The application can be download directly from Microsoft’s Download Center.

Apple IOS users can now gift paid applications

Apple iOS users can now directly send an application after paying as a Gift to someone. IOS users can login to Apple’s application store and search for holiday gift ideas as per their choice.

Apple IOS app gift


User first have to open the Apple’s application Store app on iOS device.Then select a paid application which he wishes to gift to someone. There is a share button in the upper right corner. Clicking the button will pop out a Share screen with a gift button. Just tap the Gift button.


User will be asked to type in his Apple ID and password followed by payment type option. In the end user has to enter email address of recipient to receive the gift along with personal message if user wishes to add. There is also an option for selecting a date for the gift to be delivered.

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The new iPhone5 3D skull case inspired by Hugo Arcier art

iPhone5 cases are now attracting a large number of users.The latest trend in iPhone5 casing is the newly launched iPhone5 3D skull case. The case is selling like hot cakes and has an attractive design. The new iPhone5 3D skull case looks great and inspired by Hugo Arcier The  skull case has a price tag of $52.25 available at 3D Printer Case.


The Skull from Hugo is specially designed for the iPhone 5. The skull design is actually overlaid on the case itself. The design therefore clearly shows the curves edges and different spots of the skull.There are two different designs available

  •     The detailed skull case design
  •     The degenerated case design…..based on mesh triangles

3D Skull iPhone Case

There are other types of skull casing also out there in the market portraying a more abstract and polygonal design


Tech news
National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) has launched a new Smart National Identity Card (SNIC)

National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) has launched a new Smart National Identity Card based on latest state of the art chip technology. The new card will provide information about the card holder. In comparison to old Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) the new Smart National ID Card (SNIC) is more efficient, smarter and advance based on chip designed to store data which will directly be connected to NADRA’s central database service.


National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) is Pakistan’s national database designing, and implementation entity. NADRA has successfully carried out a number of projects including National ID card & Multi-Biometric e-Passport solutions for Pakistan. Beside Pakistan it is one of the leading database solution provider and Passport Issuing System integrator in countries like for Bangladesh, Kenya and Sudan.

For user of SNIC there is free life insurance for two years. Other facilities for integration include motorway tolls e-tag, biometrics, driving license, weapon license, school card passport, health card and electronic voting. It will also aid financial transactions and there will be provision for storing data.

Chairman NADRA Mr. Tariq Malik in a statement said that the new SNIC is the most secured ID card in the world. It has multiple layers with each layer having unique security features.

President Asif Ali Zardai is the first Pakistani national issued with SNIC smart identity last month.

The Salient Features of SNIC are as follows

1. Chip based Smart Identity Card with 36 security features
2. Multi dimensional usage and services
3. Social and financial inclusion programs
4. State of the art encryption technology
5. Live identification of captured fingerprints
6. Easy pension disbursement
7. Accidental death insurance of Rs.100,000 for 2 years
8. Compliant with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Standards
9. Data written on card both in English and Urdu which will be very useful for overseas Pakistanis and people who used to travel abroad.

Currently NADRA is charging Normal fee of Rs.1500 per SNIC with validity period of 10 years.


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3G is becoming a dream for Pakistanis:Doctor Khawar Siddique Khokhar has termed recent appointment of three consultants for 3G auction as illegal

It seems that 3G is becoming a dream for Pakistanis and a number of people are thinking y 3G why not 4G.A number of carriers like AT&T and Sprint in US has already implemented 4G.
Anyways auction of 3G spectrum is an ongoing tussle. THE News reported that Doctor Khawar Siddique Khokhar has termed recent appointment of three consultants for 3G auction as illegal and said it is a violation of PPRA rules and without approval of authority. He disclosed all this in a letter written to Principal Secretary to PM, cabinet secretary and secretary information technology. 
PTA had announced in November that it hired three consultants for auction of 3G spectrum by early 2013.
Dr. Khawar Khokhar, in his letter showed total ignorance about these consultants and said that he came to know through media about all this.
On the otherhand Chairman PTA, Muhammad Farooq Awan is of the view that he has the authority to appoint such consultants without anyone’s permission. 
Chairman PTA statement clearly shows the differences within PTA and between Member Technical and Chairman of PTA.
Earlier, Member Technical denied to brief media on 3G against the will of chairman PTA in October and had walked out of the press conference.
It maybe recalled that hiring process of consultants for 3G auction went unsuccessful twice, due to which the 3G auction has been delayed for over a year now.
PTA hired following three consultants at cost of USD$5,45,000 (PKR Rs 51,775,000) for three months.
  •  Mr. Dennis Ward : Spectrum Auction Deign Advisor
  • Mr. Rob Nicholls :Valuation Advisor & Spectrum Regulatory Policy Advisor
  • Mr. Martin Sims : Auctions Software Advisor

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RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger version 7 is giving users opertunity to make phone calls to BBM contacts via wifi
Now RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger version 7 is giving users opportunity to make phone calls to BBM contacts via Wifi. RIM initially launched the BBM voice calling feature in its beta version launched last month and owing to the good response of users it was made the permanent feature of final version. BBM 7 supports smartphones running Black Berry-6 or higher.

The user can initially start up the conversation using chat and later switch to calling buddy via wifi.  The users once login comes to know which contact is available for voice call.
Black berry also offers split screen option to switch among multiple tasks like checking e-mail, SMS, and voice calling. Users BBM profile, groups and contacts are directly linked with BlackBerry ID for back up and restore when needed.