Zong Tune unsub code

Zong offers a great service My Tune. The service when activated by the Zong users allow them to set their favourite call tune. Each time a caller calls the Zong user, he listens to the favourite tune set by Zong user. However, some time these call tunes may be annoying. Therefore following procedure describes how […]

Stripe allows to pay users via cryptocurrencies

The $95 billion online payment processing internet businesses company stripe has adopted stable coin USDC crypto currency for payment. The USDC is backed by US dollar. The support of cryptocurrency payments begins with Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) on Friday, April 22 . It will be later expanded to other merchants. Previously, Strip dropped BTC as a […]

The role of media in today’s world

In the world of today, media has become as necessary as food and clothing. It has played significant role in strengthening the society. Media is considered as “mirror” of the modern society, infect,it is the media which shapes our lives. The purpose of the media is to inform people about current ,new affairs and to […]

Pakistan is up for Private Cloud Immersion: Microsoft

Recently, Microsoft organized a launch event of Private cloud immersion in Karachi. On the day, Etechcrunch got a chance to interact with Amir Rao, country manager of Microsoft Pakistan and Zafar-ul-Islam, lead technology strategist of Microsoft Pakistan. Amir Rao is performing as country manager since January 2013 and under this capacity, Amir is responsible for […]