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Google Nigeria also hacked after Google Pakistan

After in Pakistan was hacked last week another attempt has hit google domain in Nigeria.
Today was hacked by “Algerian Hacker” MCA-CRB. The site remained hacked for almost an hour . Earlier Pakistani domain of google along with 294 other .pk domains were hacked by a Turkish hacker with a message of ‘Pakistan downed’
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Teen scientists working to produce electricity from Bacteria

Young scientist Priyanka Satpute is researching to come up with designing a new electrical source battery powered by bacteria.

Electricity is main requirement of third world country. A 50 gallon tub underground will be filled with soil and bacteria which will act as energy source and will convert bacteria energy into electricity.

Ford’s 2014 series car Fiesta will be equipped with MyFord Touch infotainment system

Ford’s 2014 series car Fiesta will be equipped with MyFord Touch infotainment system
Ford has reported that its 2014 series car Fiesta will also have a new version of MyFord Touch infotainment system. The incorporation of this system in the car will be a new addition of navigation option for the models. Ford revealed last week that is 2014 Fiesta is the smallest car in its lineup.The car has great fuel efficiency and comes with 1-liter Ecoboost engine
With the help of MyFord Touch system the driver can control navigation, climate control, stereo and hands-free phone.The earlier version of system was launched in 2010 and incorporated in cars like Edge. 
MyFord Touch system for Fiesta will be a 6.5 inch touch screen with software upgrade and many other improved features. It will also include Bluetooth phone pairing. Also there is a Sony audio system
Apple surpassed in sales from Microsoft on Black Friday.

Black Friday was a great day for sales for both Microsoft and Apple.However the rush on Apple Store was much more than Microsoft.Here is the brief comparison for sales at Apple and Microsoft stores
Microsoft Store derived 47 per cent less traffic than the Apple Store.
Apple sold 17.2 items per hour at the Apple Store as compared to Microsoft’s only 3.5 items per hour .
The hot items at Apple Store were  iPad (6.7 items sold per hour) , iPad mini(4.3 6.7 items sold per hour)and Mac (3.9 items sold per hour).
Microsoft Xbox 360 was the main seller at Microsoft Store.
Over all as expected Apple surpassed Microsoft in sales on Black Friday.
HP accepts that its partners Area SpA may have sold tracking technology to Syrian government

Although HP has exclusively denied direct involvement in selling of Tracking products to the Syrian government but on the other hand it has admitted that any of its partners or re sellers may have breached the US sanctions and sold such sensitive equipment to Syria.
HP which responded on the matter in a private letter to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last month has now been made public in which it accepts that likely one of its partners may have sold tracking and surveillance products to the Italian company Area SpA without knowing that the equipment will be further transported to Syria.
Previously HP technology has been involved in helping the Syrian government to track its citizens’ communications.
If Hp involvement in such deals with syria is confirmedthen it may face trials over breaching US economic sanctions which strictly prohibit the export of most of US manufactured components to the Arab country.
HP is in contact with Area SpA to resolve the issue.
Apple’s sales up by 17.4 percent on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday

Apple’s sales up by 17.4 percent on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday
Apple devices were the hot item of Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday and IBM analytics reported that  Apple’s product were up by 17.4 percent as compared to sales in 2011. Consumers were much interested in Apple’s iPhone and iPad.
Apple’s sales rise to 38 percent from 20.7 per cent on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday in 2011.
The major online customers were mobile users and most of the purchases was done with iPad, IBM digital analytics reported.
Apple’s sales up by 17.4 percent on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday
As per reports alone in US purchases rise by 24 percent of U.S. for mobile device users as compared to 14.3 per cent in 2011. iPhone generated 8.7 percent of traffic and Android 5.5 percent.
The iPad was the main traffic driver with 88.3 percent followed by Amazon Kindle at 2.4 percent and Samsung Galaxy at 1.8 percent.
Consumers show less interest in Android products  with only 5.5 percent of online shopping. It is pertinent to mention that Android was the top choice of consumers with 75 percent of the smartphones sold in the third quarter being Android smartphones as compared to Apple’s 15 percent according to IDC.
Social Network giants Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube only derived 0.34 per cent of all online sales on Black Friday which is 35 percent cut from 2011.
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iOS Apps / Games offered for free

There are many Blackfriday deals available still now on iOS Apps / Games 
Just visit outlets like Best Buy, Target, MacMall and Amazon for this special offer.

Asphalt 7: Heat – (usually $0.99, now free!)
AZT:Teleporter HD – (usually $1.99, now free!)
Bit-1 – (usually $2.99, now free!)
Bloons 2 – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Chimpact – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Chop Chop Runner / Tennis / Soccer / Caveman / Slicer – (usually $2.99 ea., now free!)
Cinefy – Special FX Studio – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Critter Escape – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Cycle Tracker Pro – (usually $2.99, now free!)
DesignYourBody – (usually $1.99, now free!)
Do Do EGG! – (usually $1.99, now free!)
Dragon Island Blue – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Enchanted Cavern – (usually $1.99, now free!)
Fantasy Conflict – (usually $1.99, now free!)
Floralia – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Galaxy On Fire 2 – (usually $4.99, now free!)
Gorilla Gondola – (usually $1.99, now free!)
Hambo – (usually $0.99, now free!)
iDisplay Mini – (usually $0.99, now free!)
InstaStory – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Infinite Warrior – (usually $0.99, now free!)
LUXOR – (usually $2.99, now free!)
Mr. Ninja – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Negative Nimbus – (usually $0.99, now free!)
OldBooth  – (usually $0.99, now free!)
PITFALL! – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Run Tracker Pro – (usually $2.99, now free!)
Shopper – Pro – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Slide Timer – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Smash Frenzy 2 – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Sunshine Acres – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Tap Tap Revenge 4 – (usually $1.99, now free!)
Tie Right – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Time-Machine Camera+ – (usually $0.99, now free!)
To Do Checklist – (usually $1.99, now free!)
Totem Runner – (usually $0.99, now free!)
TumbleOn  – (usually $1.99, now free!)
Virtual Farm – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Walk Tracker Pro – (usually $2.99, now free!)
iPad Deals

Dancing Craze HD – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Decide Now! – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Enchanted Cavern HD – (usually $1.99, now free!)
Haunted Domains HD – (usually $1.99, now free!)
Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas HD – (usually $1.99, now free!)
LensFlare – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs – (usually $2.99, now free!)
Ski Resort Mogul HD  – (usually $1.99, now free!)
Snowy: The Bear’s Adventures  – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Stripy: Lost and Hungry – (usually $0.99, now free!)
Sunshine Acres HD – (usually $1.99, now free!)
Touch LCD – Designer Speaking Clock – (usually $1.99, now free!)

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Barclays opts for iPhone instead of Windows 8 phone

We have already seen that Microsoft has been striving hard for publicity of its latest Windows 8 smartphones right form its launch. Microsoft promoted its surface through Emirates and many others but one of the leading bank Barclay’s has chosen Apple’s iPhone instead of any Microsoft carrier.The British bank Barclays has invested £3.3 million to buy 8,500 iPads, a move to improve the customer experience.
Microsoft’s has now to put some more efforts to make its grip firm over the smartphone market as iPhone is becoming the choice of many business communities. Also after the launch of Blackberry 10 expected to launch in jan, 2013 which has already acquired licence to keep security data on this new device Microsoft have to struggle hard for its Window 8 phone.
internet Tech news along with 284 .pk domains hacked by a Turkish group of Hackers which is the main sight for most of the pakistanis when the start browsing has been hacked by Turkish hackers. is not the only website of .pk domain being hacked but there are roughly 284 other .pk domains that are being hacked.
Other domains that are hacked include top domains like,,,,

After hacking the hacker group has placed messages on google in Turkish language. The hackers has only displayed message saying ‘Downed pakistan’ over their victory of gaining the access of most of .pk domains. Traditionally hackers have not posted any message on the websites as does they normally do. .
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Apple great offers on iPad’s and Macbooks on Black Friday

Apple great offers on iPad’s and Macbooks on Black Friday
For US customers and online users Black Friday brings lot of great discounts. It is a great day for electronic gadgets lovers.
Apple like other rivals is also offering great discounts on this day. However users are little upset as Apple’s iPad mini is missing from discount. However Apple is offered at a discounted rate of $31(16GB) version. The 4th generation iPad were offered at cut prices between $41 and $61 based on data storage capacity. On the Wi-Fi models the discount is between 8% and 9%. 
Apple is also offering no cut price on its Mac products like iMac and Mac Mini. However, MacBook series laptops are being offered at a reduced price by $101. iMacs are missing from Apple discount offer as they are Apple’s latest release.
MacBook Air is being offered at $898. Other rivals are offering more competitive discounts. Amazon is giving 13-in MacBook Air with reduced price of $1,024.99 (15% discount) which is $73 less compared to Apple discount and the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina at a reduced price by $105 where as Apple is giving just discount of $101.