HTC plans to launch new high-end 5-inch device, known as the M7.

HTC is loving the 5-inch phablet form factor at the moment, what with the Droid DNA and J Butterfly launching in the USA and Far East respectively. But don’t think for a minute that the quietly brilliant Taiwanese company is stopping there. Several sources have leaked information on a new high-end 5-inch device, known as the M7.
It seems that the screen will most likely be the same full HD 1920 x 1080 one in the DNA/J Butterfly, Qualcomm will be supplying a quad-core Snapdragon processor, just like they are for the others’, but instead of the 8MP camera it will have an impressive 13MP snapper.
Almost nothing else is known about the M7, except that in all probability this is going to be HTC’s weapon against the expected might of the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S4.
HTC has been in contact with semiconductor and aluminium unibody case manufacturers looking to source enough components to manufacture up to five million M7′s in the first quarter of 2013. This may point to an announcement at Mobile World Congress in late February, which would normally see the phone launch in Europe around April time. However, if the aim is to manufacture such a vast quantity of handsets in Q1 then we could be looking at an early launch in order to beat the Galaxy S4 to market.
Europe is still waiting to see a 5-inch HTC phablet, and rumours of the Droid DNA landing here under the name of DLX (or Deluxe) have been denied by HTC Germany, so could this be why? Is HTC waiting for the even higher spec M7 before letting Europe in on their full HD goodness? We’ll let you know when we do.