Blogging Tips
Remove Showing Posts with Label in Blogger
In the blogger when you click a specific Label then a message ” Showing Posts with Label” appears at the top of posts. To remove this message follow these steps:-
1. Go to Blogger Dashboard
2. Click Template
3. Click Edit HTML
4. Click Proceed
5. Check The Expand widget Template
6. Press control +F
7. In the search find the following code







9. Delete the above mention code and in its place paste the following code




10. Now save the Template
11. You are done.Now clicking any Label in your Blogger will not show the message ” Showing Posts with Label….”in your Blog.

Blogging Tips
Create About Me Page in Blogger
About me page is one of the Most important Page of your Blogger. Beside telling people about yourself, It drives a lot of traffic to your blog.So how to create About me page in blogger.The best and easy way is to 

  • Create a post titled ‘About me’
  • Set its date to some old date so it does not appear on your front page or recent posts  list.
  • Then link the ‘About me’ Post from the home page.

Here is how to do it.

1. Create new post in blogger
2. Write About yourself in it and its better that you upload a picture.You can select the title post e.g ‘About me’
3. On the right hand side of Post you will find Published on description.Click it
4. Click set Date and time

5. Now if you want that your post should not appear on front page just change the Date to a very old..e.g 10 June 2009..
6. Also as you don’t want to be commented on your About me page.So click options and select Readers Don’t Allow and Done

7. Now publish Your post.
8. You are done you have created ‘About me’ Page with a title post ‘About me’.The post will appear published last in your Posts list.
9. To view the post on blogger dashboard select Post and Go to ‘About me’ post and click view.
10. You will be directed to About me page on your blogger. Copy the link address from the adress bar
11. The next thing is to make a link of About me page from the Home page.

12. Now go to Blogger Lay add Gadget HTML / Java script and Paste the following code

  • About me
  • 13. Your done
    14. ‘About me’ link will appear on your home page.
    15. You can also link to your about me page via your picture
    16. From layout..Add gadget select a picture and in Link …past the copied link
    17. In the upload choose a picture from your computer

    18. Now clicking the picture on home page will direct you to the About me page.

    Blogging Tips
    Change post order in new blogger

    Hi if you want to change the post order in new blogger follow following steps:-

    1. Create new post or Go to Edit for already created post

    2. On the right hand side of Post you will find Published on description.Click it

    3. Click set Date and time

    4. Now if you want that your post should not appear on front page just change the Date to a very old..e.g 10 June 2009..

    5. Or if you want your post to be published in future some time .Set the Date for future..e.g August 2015..Your post will not be published until specified date comes.

    6. Click Done

    7. Now publish your post

    Blogging Tips
    How to Improve Blog Traffic

    When you create a blog or website, in the start you have very little audience and traffic and you put every effort to increase the traffic to your blog / website.

    Here are some useful tricks to get more and more traffic to your Blog. Although you can not drastically increase your traffic in one day but if you use your mind you can improve it with in a weak. Following are few tips for you:-

    Know your Audience interest.    Compare your posts and check which post is visited the highest numbers. With this you will have a clue about what audience wants to see. So write more and more posts as per their interests.

    Analyze the Key words.    In your Blogger statistics check for the google key words that directed the search engine to your web site and write posts about the key words searched more.

    Google Analytics.   It is the master of site tracking and statistics. It offers the complete picture and statistics of what’s going on in internet world. It displays visitors in a date range chart, total visits, page views, page views per visit, which is visitors who arrive on your site and much more. The important section is the key word section. You can use this information to tweak content of your Blog / website to come in top search categories.

    Note:- You have to signup for Google Analytics account and if you have already gmail account the just login to google Analytics and follow simple steps.

    Frequently update Blog.  Frequently updating your blog with useful content will help driving more traffic to your blog. Also whatever you write must be meaning ful so that the audience are interested in revisiting your site.

    Add a blogroll to your site.          Keep your Blogroll up to date. If you put some useful links on your blog definitely the owners of those sites would visit you on and off.

    Value visitors comments.            Do reply to the comments. It shows that you value visitors opinions and draw them into a two-way conversation. Also post comments on others websites. It will force them to visit your site and drive new traffic

    Use images in posts.         Use images in your Posts. Sometimes people only search for images in Google and Yahoo search options. It will direct them to your Blog.

    Use Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to Share Your Posts.            Social media is an important place to share your posts and increase your viewership. Google plus has about 100 million viewers where as Twitter 400 million, Facebook over 800 million and LinkedIn over 130 million active users. So if you are not registered with these social networks ,get your account for at least two and I recommend Google plus and Facebook. So whenever you are posting an option will pop out to share your post with social networks you have registered with and your post will be viewed by large number of users

    Use Your Email Signature. You can put your blog in your emails signature to promote it.

    Use SMS signatures in Mobiles. It is a very effective tool. You can put your blog link in your SMS signature to attract audience.

    Be Consistent.        I have many Blogger friends who are very enthusiastic in bignning and when they see that their blog is not attracting vivitors .They stop blogging But my friends Don’t Give up. You can not increase traffic in a Day. Be consistent and keep on working Hard and Blogging until you Achieve your goals.It will take some time.But remember hardwork always pays.

    Blogging Tips
    Remove White text Background in Blogger post
    Sometimes when you compose a post and copy some material from other web sites or even from Office Word the white background is copied along with the text as background. Due to this the background of post appears white. So how to get rid of this annoying white background in blogger posts. But before i tell you the solution  to avoid such problems in future you can compose your text in Notebook and then copy it rather than using Office.Ok now to remove white background of already posted text follow these steps.

    1.Go to edit your post
    2.There you will find two options on upper left corner Compose and HTML
    3.Click HTML
    4. Now press control F and search for style=”background-color: white;”>
    5.Delete style=”background-color: white;”
    6. So it turns to be only and save

    7. Also find style=”background-color: white;
    8. Delete the yellow highlighted portion that is background-color: white;
    9. Now Save
    10. Although it is a little bit time consuming as you will find a number of above mentioned two statements depending upon the length of your POST. However it is effective

    what if you have a lot of background-color: white;  statements in HTML
    What you can do as a shortcut is to cut all the HTML code paste it in the word e.g MS word 2007.Now click the replace button on the right hand corner


    A find and replace window will pop out
    In Find what copy and paste background-color: white; 
    and leave theReplace with blank and click replace all.This action will remove all the background-color: white;  statements from your HTML code.Now copy all the HTML code from MS word and paste it back in your blogger post in HTML.Now check your post in compose. Click update check your post now.all the white background must have disappeared.
    Blogging Tips
    Alternatives of Google Adsense
    Almost all internet users wants to make online money one way or other.One of the easiest way is to get approved your Google Adsense account. But I have received a number of emails complaing that their Google Adsense accounts are not approved and the main reason behind it is the strict Adsense policies. So what to do now? What are the alternative of Google Adsense which can give you handsome monthly returns.Following are few alternatives of Google Adsense
    1. Bidvertiser

    2. Chitika
    3. Infolinks
    4. Clicksor

    1.      Bidvertiser:-  Bidvertiser is top alternative to Google.It offers some different ad formats in good design. You can customize the look and dimensions of your text ads. All the standard ad formats exist and the payouts are excellent. –

    2.         Chitika:-        It came into business back in 2003 and is the industry’s leading impulse merchandising company. The name Chitika means “in a snap” in the South Indian language.  It helps web publishers generate revenue using innovative publisher-side advertising and merchandising solutions and services. In 2010 Yahoo! closed their AdSense competitor Yahoo Publisher Network Online (YPNO) and subsequently recommended publishers migrate to Chitika as a

     3.       Infolinks:-    It is a new comer but specializes in In-Text Advertizing. It has a key feature that it looks for keywords and phrases that are not currently links and converts them into advertizing links. When a user places their mouse over the link a box opens up showing the ad. If they click on the link you get paid. It is very simple and works very

    4.         Clicksor:- .t is one of the current leaders of the small publisher. They have High pay backs and even upto a market leading 85% and unlike a number of alternatives the cost per click bid values are high enough that you can earn a decent

    5. offers content ads, search targeting ads, web bar ads, and mobile ads. You will get your payment after making $ 

    Blogging Tips
    Remove Blogspot Navbar

    So you are new to Blogger and want to remove the default Blogger navigation bar.The navigation Bar can be removed using following simple technique.
    1.Login to your blogger account
    2.From your Dashboard opt for Layout
    3.Now choose Edit Html..


    4.You will see your HTML template code there.
    5. Click in the space where html code is written and press control F to get a search box

    6. In the search box type ]]> to find in the HTML code ]]>
    7. Just before ]]> copy and paste following code

    #navbar-iframe,#navbar { display: none !important; }

    8. Click Save Template

    Now check your Blogspot and you will see there is No default Blogger Navigation Bar

    Enjoy you have get rid of default Blogger Navigation Bar