Best free Android Games

There is a huge number of Android smart phones users. There is a huge collection of Android games. Here I discuss with you free Android Games that will Amaze you. Some of these games are also for iOS. These games are personally my favorites.

1.    1. World War™ .  It is a Multiplayer online war game for Android, iPhone and iPod Touch.In this game                                      you have to run with a good story of 2012 nuclear war and 5 countries will merge in order to become an           awesome force with some great superpowers. You can also play the game online . There are millions of         people playing this game online. Around 1.5 millions people play it online when you login. 

2. Drag Racing.  This is a great racing game that can keep you hooked for long time. This game consists a maze and a mouse that is trapped inside. You have to move the blocks in a way so that mouse can go towards the exit. There are many levels. The game is for those who are fan of puzzle games. You can drive 50+ cars. Challenge other players online and have fun with this racing game. 

 3.  iMobsters™.  This is another exciting massive multiplayer online mafia game. You can fight with over 10 millions players online. In this game you will start your career as a small thief and afterwards you will grow to a mafia don by bringing other into your mob.You can get free updates with new missions, weapons, real state and more. All you need is to bring friends into your mob to make it stronger. 

 4. Robo Defense FREE.  This is one of the best game for android.It has awesome Graphics and you can play single map with eleven different stages. In this game you will find many great achievements, upgrades and maps. All maps and upgrades are available in full version of this game.

5. Tank Hero. This is a very famous 3D game.You can become a hero by fighting in different arenas. You have to fight a number of enemies and kill them to become a tank hero. The two modes are campaign and another one survival mode. You have the option to choose five types of tanks and weapons.