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Square Wallet has been updated with the changes, while its application for merchants has got Passbook integration

With the Christmas season bearing down on us, red hot mobile payment service Square has made a major move after it introduced gift cards to its iOS app and integrated Passbook to allow gifted money to be spent.
Square’s consumer app — Square Wallet — has been updated with the changes, while its application for merchants has got Passbook integration — allowing retailers to redeem gift cards on the Apple technology — as well as support for printed QR codes, and the iPhone 5.
Here are the finer details:
Square Wallet 2.5 (for consumers)
Gift cards, just in time for the holidays! Square Gift Cards are the easiest way to send a personalized gift to anyone, anywhere in the United States.
Square Register 2.5 (for merchants)
Accept gift cards for your business from Square Wallet, Passbook and printed QR codes.
iPhone 5 support and various improvements.
The updates are hugely significant, and have the potential to increase the $10 billion in annual payments that Square is processing — a figure that grew by $2 billion between September and November alone.
The new support gives businesses more options to help build better promotional campaigns and appeal to users to new ways. For example, coming in the run-up to Christmas, Starbucks lovers could be treated to Square gift cards via Passbook, which would give them credit for the coffee store and any of the other merchants that support Square. Likewise, a campaign using printed QR code discounts could be used, which could be an interesting option.
Most interesting, however, is the integration of Passbook. Seen by many as competition in the mobile payment space, Square is leveraging the technology to give Apple device owners an easy way to give and receive gifts. Passbook — which is integrated into Apple’s iOS 6 — has real potential as a layer to connect different services and features through one interface.
Passbook’s real strength, and this is a key one for the industry, is its sheer scale. The fact that every owner of an iOS 6-powered device now has Passbook gives it enormous potential to raise awareness and understanding of mobile payments and, for that reason alone, Square needs to be involved, irrespective of what future turns and services Apple may later introduce.
TNW’s own Matthew Panzarino discussed Passbook’s potential for Square back in June — ‘Apple’s Passbook, payments and the power of trust‘ — when he noted:
The fact of the matter is that people, by and large, are not ready for mobile payments. I’m probably not even ready and I’m an early adopter. This is why other technologies like NFC haven’t taken off for Google or other mobile makers that have tried to make it happen.
There is a trust threshold that hasn’t yet been breached by any major company, although services like Square are making headway. Apple is uniquely positioned to take its current cachet with regards to credit cards and build on that through the redemption of passes and gift cards through Passbook. Once it has this kind of trust, it can use NFC hardware in a future phone to further expand its payment options.
The beauty of it is that this kind of system doesn’t even preclude companies like Square taking advantage of Passbook. Although it has its own app, it could just as easily offer a ‘Square’ card inside Passbook or allow stores to redeem codes from a Passbook pass.
This year has been a huge one for Square. The company closed its $200 million Series D round, which included a $25 million investment from Starbucks. The coffee chain introduced the joint payments system at an initial 7,000 coffee shops across the US last month.
The company’s achievements were recognized by American Banker, as the magazine named founder Jack Dorsey its innovator of the year.
You can grab the updated apps at the link below. At the time of writing, Square’s Android apps have not been updated, but we’ve reached out to the company to see when the changes will make their way over.
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Punjab assembly official website hacked
pakistani hackers  hacked official website of Punjab assembly
Punjab assembly
The hackers put the words Pakistan Zindabad on the web page with a cartoon animation in the center.The site further displays

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“Pakistan ZindaBad”

Thanks to: THA , PCA , VBOH , ANON PAk , TCS , La. Crews ,Codebo0t3r , SOG , P4k-CoMManDeR”

The hacker says that he can be contacted on his facebook id at
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DeMarco Murray leading cowboys

Tony Romo was brilliant Sunday night in the Dallas Cowboys’ victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. But every quarterback who plays the Eagles these days is basically a mix of Tom Brady, Johnny Unitas and Flash Gordon, and anyway Romo’s been good for a while now. He has 10 touchdown passes and two interceptions in his last five games, and the Cowboys have gone 3-2 in that stretch to keep kicking around on the fringe of the NFC playoff race. 
ith DeMarco Murray in the backfield, these Cowboys are a different team, and Sunday’s win against Philly helped prove that.
DeMarco Murray leading cowboys
What was different about the Cowboys’ offense on Sunday was the running back. And if you were still of the opinion that the Cowboys’ running game could be the same with Felix Jones as it is with DeMarco Murray, this game had to have cured you. In his first game back since he sprained his foot in a Week 5 loss in Baltimore, Murray ran for 83 yards and a touchdown on 23 carries. Spectacular numbers? No, though there were some runs that made you gasp as Murray showed off a power and speed combination that’s been absent in the Cowboys’ run game since early October. But Murray was, above all else, effective. And the result was a balanced game plan of 33 run plays, 29 passes and an offense that moved the ball effectively all night. Per Jean-Jacques Taylor:
Murray’s impact is bigger than any stat you want to discuss after the Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles, 38-33, on Sunday night. He gives the Cowboys a toughness and a physical mentality they lack when he’s not in the lineup. Murray is the reason Tony Romo had his best game, passing for 303 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions. Murray is the reason Jason Garrett didn’t abandon the run with the Cowboys trailing by a touchdown at halftime like he usually does. He’s the reason offensive line coach Bill Callahan was laughing and joking with all of his starters after the game. And he’s the reason why more than one lineman talked about Garrett’s commitment to running the ball the entire game.
Murray is back, then, just in time. No, not because the Cowboys needed to beat the Eagles. They could have found a way to beat the Eagles if they’d held a contest last week and let a rotating group of fans play running back. The Eagles haven’t won since there were leaves on the trees and Mitt Romney still thought he had a chance. But assuming Murray and his foot came through Sunday night’s game healthy, his return has come at precisely the right time for the Cowboys. 
They face tough, physical defensive fronts the next two weeks, first in Cincinnati and then at home against the Steelers. These are games it will be difficult for the Cowboys to win, games in which they will justifiably be underdogs. But if they’re to have a chance against either team, they will have to be physical up front. With their offensive line the way it is, that’s not easy to do. But Murray brings an element that helps them overcome the line problems. The same way Romo finds a way to make plays with his feet when protection breaks down, Murray is the kind of runner who likes to overcome difficulty. He’s tough. He absorbs contact. He’s used to having to try and make something out of nothing, and he digs it. The “mentality” about which Jacques is writing is not present when the back is Jones or Phillip Tanner or Lance Dunbar. There aren’t many backs who bring it. Murray is one, and the Cowboys’ offense works much better when he’s in it. 
The shame for the Cowboys, and for Murray, is that the young man is bound to get injured again. His history and the way he runs — toward contact, lowering his head, etc. — practically insist on it. The Cowboys look at Murray as one of their long-term building blocks, but the likelihood is that they’ll always be dealing with some physical situation that either limits him or keeps him off the field. For now, though, as they look ahead to their final four games and a still-breathing chance at making this year’s postseason, they should be thankful he’s back on the field and enjoy it while it lasts. Because as great as Romo and Dez Bryant and Jason Witten and Miles Austin are, the Cowboys are simply a different offense with Murray.
Source: espn
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Colombia former goalkeeper Miguel Calero, has died at the age of 41
Colombia former goalkeeper Miguel Calero, has died at the age of 41 due to complications of heart following a stroke.He was an active member of Mexican club Pachuca and played for over a decade for it. His death was announced by club Pachuca saying that he died Tuesday in a Mexico City hospital
 Calero retired in 2011 from his club Pachuca and took over the duties as goalkeeping coach. Being a member of club , he helped it to achieve four league titles and the Copa Sudamericana.

England in Control of Match final test 509 for 6

England 509 for 6 (Cook 190, Trott 87, Compton 57, Pietersen 54) lead India 316 by 193 runs
  India might have thought of a change in fortunes on the third day of the final test. However, the feeling of helplessness gripped the Indian team for most part of the day as England continued to pile up runs and took a commanding position in the test. They have a lead of 193 runs with 4 wickets remaining.
Resuming the day’s play on 216 for 1, Alastair Cook and Jonathan Trott, continued to assault the bowling attack. Cook was close to scoring a double ton when at 190, he was give run out while trying to evade the ball thrown by Virat Kohli as his bat hadn’t touched the ground. This was for the first time that Cook was run out in tests. Cook made another 173 runs partnership with Trott. Trott was out on 87.
After the departure of two set batsmen, it was Kevin Pieterson’s turn to take charge of the situation. He took full control and scored runs with a quick pace. He was literally toying with Indian attack. He was out lbw for 54.
The last couple of hours proved even more disappointing for India. Matt Prior and Graeme Swann scored 56 runs in the last 13 overs. England is now 509 for 6. Its going to be a very crucial day for India.
Apple’s shares were up to 547.24 an increase of $8.45 after TIm cooks plan to shift Mac production line from china to US

Apple shares are getting boost after Apple’s CEO Tim cook revealed that from next year Apple’s Mac will be manufactured exclusively in United states.
Apple’s shares were up to 547.24 an increase of $8.45 or 1.57%. Apple’s share on Friday opened at $528.94.
In an interview with ROCK CENTER EXCLUSIVE Tim cook said 
“We’ve been working for years on doing more and more in the United States,” Cook told Williams. He said that Apple will spend $100 million to shift production line of Mac from China to US in 2013.
It was Tim Cook’s who joined Apple in 1998 first TV interview since taking over from  Steve Jobs. Cook stressed on the importance of bringing more jobs to US and for this manufacturing the Macs at US will be grat opertunity. Apple estimates to bring 600,000 jobs to US.
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Google plus has added 35 million active users in two and a half months.

Google launched Google+ Communities to allow users of the social network to join large communities, discussion and seamless sharing web. Former iPad application of the year Snapseed, is also now available for Android.
Google Senior VP Vic Gundotra said that Google plus now has 135 million active users. Today Google plus is the fastest growing network with over 500 million people upgraded, 235 million active across Google plus,play and other applications and 135 million streaming says Gundotra. So, Google plus has over 500 million users .
Back in September Googleclaimed 400 million registered Google+ users which means Google plus has added 35 million active users in two and a half months. 
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Alastair Cook becomes youngest player to reach 7000 test runs
Alastair Cook becomes youngest player to reach 7000 test runs.

Alastair Cook becomes youngest player to reach 7000 test runs

Alastair is 27y 347d old today. Currently he is oldest player on the field. Sachin Tendulkar was 28y 193days old when he reached the landmark.

In response to India’s first innings of 316 runs, Alistair Cook and company displayed a rock solid performance with bat and left Indian bowlers flat as the pitch itself was. Alistair Cook scored an unbeaten 136 runs and became the highest test century maker by an English batsman. This was Cook’s 23rd test century. He has also become the youngest batsman to get past 7000 test runs. As a captain, Cook now has scored five centuries in five tests he has played as captain. England is 216 at the loss of one wicket.

Cook was dropped at 17 by Pujara on first slip. After that, he played with full authority and didn’t give even a half chance. The outfield helped the batsmen as well as it was lightning fast. Cook played both spinners and fast bowlers with great confidence and taught Indians how to play on batting friendly wickets where they failed to perform extra ordinarily. He had an opening partnership of 165 runs with Compton.  

  Starting the day’s play, Zaheer Khan and Ishant Sharma were unable to give their skipper a company. With No 11 Prgayan Ojha, Dhoni added some runs to score his fifty. However on a flat, pure batting track, India scored at least 100 runs short. If runs continue to come for England on the third day, the scenario may get difficult for India to win the series. The scoreboard so far is as:

England 216 for 1 (Cook 136*, Compton 57) trail India 316 (Tendulkar 76, Gambhir 60, Dhoni 52) by 100 runs
HTC plans to launch new high-end 5-inch device, known as the M7.

HTC is loving the 5-inch phablet form factor at the moment, what with the Droid DNA and J Butterfly launching in the USA and Far East respectively. But don’t think for a minute that the quietly brilliant Taiwanese company is stopping there. Several sources have leaked information on a new high-end 5-inch device, known as the M7.
It seems that the screen will most likely be the same full HD 1920 x 1080 one in the DNA/J Butterfly, Qualcomm will be supplying a quad-core Snapdragon processor, just like they are for the others’, but instead of the 8MP camera it will have an impressive 13MP snapper.
Almost nothing else is known about the M7, except that in all probability this is going to be HTC’s weapon against the expected might of the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S4.
HTC has been in contact with semiconductor and aluminium unibody case manufacturers looking to source enough components to manufacture up to five million M7′s in the first quarter of 2013. This may point to an announcement at Mobile World Congress in late February, which would normally see the phone launch in Europe around April time. However, if the aim is to manufacture such a vast quantity of handsets in Q1 then we could be looking at an early launch in order to beat the Galaxy S4 to market.
Europe is still waiting to see a 5-inch HTC phablet, and rumours of the Droid DNA landing here under the name of DLX (or Deluxe) have been denied by HTC Germany, so could this be why? Is HTC waiting for the even higher spec M7 before letting Europe in on their full HD goodness? We’ll let you know when we do.
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Apple is expected to ship a total of 26 million iPad units during current quarter

Apple is expected to ship a total of 26 million iPad units during current quarter said analysts at Finvista Advisors
As per previous history the record of Apple ipad sales in the second and fourth quarter are always strongest.
One of the fact for high sales of Apple’s iPad in fourth quarter is that it released both the iPad Mini and iPad 4 in the fourth quarter.
Earlier Apple expected total estimates of iPad shipments to 22.7 million but after release of iPad Mini the estimates were revised to higher value. The iPad Mini sales are expected around 6.5 million to where as old models iPad 2, 3, and 4 sales are expected to 19 million.