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Apple wants to get rid of Nvidia graphics?

Although Intel has been around Apple for support of processors but so far graphic cards are concerned it seems that AMD has an edge over Intel., Apple recently posted a job for electrical engineers for its Mac Desktop Systems and one of the main criteria they are looking for is that the applicant must have the past experience and qualification of Intel chipsets as well as experience on “AMD or Nvidia GPUs.”

Apple AMD Graphics

Currently, the Mac Pro series is based on AMD Radeon graphics cards, the new iMac offers either GeForce GTX 680MX or Nvidia GeForce GT 650M graphics inside where as the latest Mac Minis offers integrated Intel graphics.

The new qualifications for job posting suggest that the tech giant Apple may switch to AMD GPU’s in near future.

Nvidia came in strongly in 2012 as their graphic card became the part of both the iMac and new MacBook laptops.But question is why Apple’s requires EE qualified on AMD graphics processors?

Is there any thing special for Apple in AMD’s upcoming graphics architecture and they want to switch future iMac on it or may be Mac Pro production series in U.S. maybe based on AMD’s Radeon 6000 series or last but not the least Apple wants to get rid of Nvidia graphics?


Tech news
Twitter release new feature of Tweet archive

Twitter has launched a latest feature for its users to download their complete archive of tweets.
Twitters new feature is very promising and allows users to access tweet archives via settings to call for “Request your archive.”



A note is there for the users under the new button that says

“You can request a file containing your information, starting with your first tweet. A link will be emailed to you when the file is ready for download.”

Presently the new feature is available for only selective users

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Huawei plans to launch 8.5 inch smartphone

Huawei following the foot step of Samsung is believed to be working on better and larger size displays for its upcoming smartphone.Samsung recently upgraded the display size of its Samsung Galaxy Note devices. As compared to original Galaxy note the new Galaxy Note II is equipped with a larger display. It seems that Samsung will continue to increase the display size of the upcoming smartphones.

Huawei 8.5 smartphoneHuawei is rumored to enter the smartphone market with a launch of larger 8.5 inch smartphone. Huawei has still not confirmed about any such device but in a recent tweet by Eldar Murtazin he mentioned that he got a chance to of hands on one of Huwaei device in a recent Huawei event. He also displayed picture of the said Huwaei smartphone.
The main thing which comes to mind is that why Huwaei wants to design and launch such a smartphone with much larger display. The answer may be simply to compete in the smartphone market with another device or better called it a tablet.

Apple Tech news
Apple released list of best applications 2012

A number of great application and games were released in 2012 for Apple’s IOS. A number of extra ordinary applications made their way across Apple’s iTunes main page and interestingly many of them were from brand new developers.

Recently,Apple released a list of its top picks among the games and applications for 2012.
Apple ranked Paper as best application by the developer Fifty-Three. Paper is a great application for the iPad. It provides features such as sketch pad for artwork and scratchpad for notes. This application has a number of powerful tools that let users to easily create and shape notes and finally save them in “books”. Paper is an innovative application and is considered as one of the essentials for iPad users.


The second slot in applications category was won by Action Movie FX. This application makes many complicated computer tasks easier and simple. Action Movie FX helps users to record a short video clip and then generate a scene for the video automatically from different video features. With the single tap of a button user can dramatize a helicopter crash in his lawn or watch his neighbors car blown to pieces.The application is more of a fun application rather than productivity application.


In the Games category for iPad Apple selected The Room for the top slot. The Room is a puzzle game with a number of challenges equipped with beautiful graphics and sound.


The second slot was won by the Waking Mars. Waking Mars is a fluid game. The game has a number of twists and turns.


For the iPhone the top application selected by Apple is Action Movie FX which is on No 2 for iPad.

On second slot is Figure. Figure is a great tool to select from a variety of virtual sound features

On the game side of Rayman Jungle Run and Letterpress are the top two choices.

Did you agree with Apples top picks for 2012.Please share your comments.

U.S. stocks fell after a sharp decline in Apple and Best Buy co shares

The U.S. stocks saw a sharp decline after yesterday’s fall in Apple (AAPL) Inc. by 3.8 percent and news of data showing China’s rapid manufacturing pace.

Apple dropped to $509.79. UBS also has cut its price estimate by $80 i-e $700 from $780 over concerns of slow growth for the iPhone & iPad in coming months.

US stocks decline

Best Buy Co. shares also fell by 15 percent to $12.05 after founder Richard Schulze’s announcement of extending the deadline to offer the company as private. Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. (SWHC) shares declined by 4.3 per cent to $9.13 as the murder of children at a Connecticut school encouraged speculation of enhanced gun control laws. Sturm Ruger & Co. declined by 4.5 per cent to $45.57. Schlumberger Ltd. the world’s largest oilfield services provider declined 5 per cent to $68.91 .

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index were downed by 0.4 per cent to 1413.58 . The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.3 per cent or 35.71 points to 13135.01 today.
The S&P 500 this month has dropped by 0.2 percent with overall drop of 12 per cent in 2012.

Apple IOS
Google maps is back for Apple’s IOS with additional features

Google maps application have make a come back for iPhones after almost three months. 
Google maps is back for Apple's IOS with additional features
This week Google launched its official version of the application for Apple’s iOS 6. Although a number of users were using google maps via browsers but now they can use it via proper IOS application.
The application introduced a number of new features for the users including turn-by-turn navigation, additional maps, 2D and 3D rotating views. Earlier these all features were available for android platform only but now iPhone users can also benefit from these features.
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Eboz revealed to have gain access to NADRA and FIA websites

It was shocking that Google Pakistan was hacked by a hackers group named Eboz but it is more shocking news that Eb0z also accessed NADRA data base and FIA website, revealed by a 21 year Turkey based hacker in an interview to Techcrunch. The hacker Eboz earlier not only hacked the Google Pakistan website but also redirected 284 .PK domains by accessing PKNIC servers and also poisoning DNS servers.

Eboz PKNIC hack

NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) is an important governoment organization and is responsible for solutions related to National identity Cards.NADRA has a large data base of Pakistani nationals containing personal and private information.

The reason for hacking PKNIC and redirecting .PK domains eb0z explained:

Pakistani hackers claims themselves ‘worlds best hackers’. I wanted to show Pakistani hackers like zombie, and script-kiddie who hacked Google earlier also that hacking only Googleis not a big deal and there are few other big targets on this planet too for hacking big targets on the planet.

eb0z revealed that hacks like SQLi (SQL Injection) is easy and enough for insecure websites and Pakistani servers. eb0z also shared a bug with TechCrunch which is in PKNIC servers that helped him to hack it.


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LHC adjourned the case on tax on international incoming calls till Jan,2012

Lahore High Court judge while hearing  a case on tax on international incoming calls yesterday,  adjourned the case till 14 th of next month i-e January  2013. The case was adjourned on request of Pakistan Telecommunication authority (PTA) counsel that federal government needs extra time to finalize notification for withdrawal of International Clearing House.

PTA tax

Now Overseas Pakistanis have to wait for another month till the start of Lahore High Court proceedings to get relief on calls which they make to their relatives and friends living in Pakistan.

The court while hearing the case earlier has asked Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to produce official document to explain its withdrawal of  International Clearing House (ICH).

PTA counsel, explained yesterday in front of court that the tax on international incoming calls was laid after directions from Ministry of Information and Technology.

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Windows Bing desktop application to set automatic wallpapers

Now Windows users can use Microsoft’s latest Windows desktop application that will automatically set Bing homepage as users wallpaper.

Microsoft desktop Bing app


The application will also add a search bar,trending terms and updated news to desktop.This application can be downloaded freely and once installed  will automatically load the current day’s Bing homepage and set it as users desktop wallpaper.

The application is also offering flexibility to change the background by selecting one from the prior nine days using search widget. A news feed is also added to the search bar, with hyperlinks for one click access to trending topics.

The idea came due to popularity of Bing’s stunning home screens and featured wallpapers which are popular  all over the world. Bing Desktop application is for users of Microsoft windows who loves amazing and stylish backgrounds with high resolutions.

The only one annoying thing is the propitiatory Bing logo in the lower right corner. The application can be download directly from Microsoft’s Download Center.

Apple IOS users can now gift paid applications

Apple iOS users can now directly send an application after paying as a Gift to someone. IOS users can login to Apple’s application store and search for holiday gift ideas as per their choice.

Apple IOS app gift


User first have to open the Apple’s application Store app on iOS device.Then select a paid application which he wishes to gift to someone. There is a share button in the upper right corner. Clicking the button will pop out a Share screen with a gift button. Just tap the Gift button.


User will be asked to type in his Apple ID and password followed by payment type option. In the end user has to enter email address of recipient to receive the gift along with personal message if user wishes to add. There is also an option for selecting a date for the gift to be delivered.