PTCL Smart TV application offering live cricket matches

Just recently, PTCL has added another service in the string of their product category that is Smart TV live streaming AD-Free application.

Apparently, this application is intended to provide live streaming of world cup cricket matches without any advertisements. Smart TV app is enabling people to access incessant cricket matches during the cricket world cup 2015 on PCs, laptops, tablets, iPads and smartphones propelling to give “on the go” enjoyment to its nation.


With clean and chic user-friendly interface, World cup application is covering Cricket News, Updates and live Scoreboards of whole series. While on the move, regardless of timings, this app is deliberated to give wholly advertisements free transmission in High Definition quality along with 150 live channels on smartphones, ipads, tabs and laptops.
Steps to Register an Account
For having PTCL Smart TV app, register an account by following these instructions:
• Enter in your browser.
• On the page’s top right corner click on sign up button.

• There, you have to fill the registration form allocating you that will lead you to get an MDN will be required by you for making payment.

Downloading it on Smartphones

It’s just a convenient app that is just three steps away from your mobile screen. To watch live cricket matches, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on Google Play Store or iTunes Apps store to download the app.
  2. Type “PTCL Smart TV” in search bar of play store.
  3. Download it by there and it is done to go with.
    Downloading on Laptop/Desktops
    To enjoy live streaming of your favorite programs and live cricket matches, follow these two steps:
    • Go to
    • On this page, you have to Login with your user name and password that will lead you to towards your desired TV channel live.
    Payment Options for app
    PTCL is giving different ways to pay for this app service according to users’ convenience.
    • Simply pay charges by visiting PTCL OSS
    • Customer could pay through Evo scratch card as by entering an EVO prepaid voucher,
    • Further, payment could be made EasyPaisa, UBL Omni or Uload shop by giving MDN number received at time of registration process.
    • If one want to pay through credit/debit card, so he could follow the link and create an account followed by the instructions.
    What PTCL’s world cup app contains?
    • Formerly, there are always chances to get your favorite team’s match could get missed or you might have accessibility problems to your TV or due to travelling issues and so on. But now with the introduction of PTCL’s advertisement free Smart TV app, it becomes hassle free live streaming in HD quality without ads even on the move.

• Certainly, with conventional TV cable transmission, it was readily impossible to enjoy all programs at your own time but PTCL‘s smart TV app is offering TVoD (TV on Demand) feature by rewinding TV stream up to seven days back.
• It features Pause and Rewind’ to enjoy every bit of favorite programs. Moreover, the ‘Personal Video Recorder’ allow customers to keep their favorite content for personal library.

• Without any restrictions, other 3G network users can also watch live streaming of cricket matches without any disruption.

Channels within Smart TV app:

Seemingly, this Smart TV application will bring Pakistan in the list of a few countries across the globe, where High Definition quality transmission is accessible on laptops, PCs and smartphones. However, the PTCL Smart TV app is offering 150 live TV channels in HD quality that includes all major Pakistani channels and PEMRA agreed international channels.


• Packed with all convenient features, this application’s World Cup special package (for whole ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 series) could get on price of Rs. 499.
• Further after period of March 31st, 2015, Smart TV app will remain free for 4Mbps, 8Mbps DSL and Charji Customers. However, other network users will have to pay RS.250 per month charges.


Generally, video streaming apps get so prevalent that users may suffer from content overload but with PTCL’s World cup app, user could watch the matches with clean HD look with no distractions that is giving new means to enjoyment regardless of locations.