Apple’s shares were up to 547.24 an increase of $8.45 after TIm cooks plan to shift Mac production line from china to US

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Apple shares are getting boost after Apple’s CEO Tim cook revealed that from next year Apple’s Mac will be manufactured exclusively in United states.
Apple’s shares were up to 547.24 an increase of $8.45 or 1.57%. Apple’s share on Friday opened at $528.94.
In an interview with ROCK CENTER EXCLUSIVE Tim cook said 
“We’ve been working for years on doing more and more in the United States,” Cook told Williams. He said that Apple will spend $100 million to shift production line of Mac from China to US in 2013.
It was Tim Cook’s who joined Apple in 1998 first TV interview since taking over from  Steve Jobs. Cook stressed on the importance of bringing more jobs to US and for this manufacturing the Macs at US will be grat opertunity. Apple estimates to bring 600,000 jobs to US.

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