Apple tablets leads the sales in China at 71 percent beating Google’s Android

Although Google’s Android based cell phones were top most choice of consumers during third quarter with dominating factor of 75 percent sales as reported by IDC. But the things are different in China where Apple is still dominant as far as tablets are concerned according to analysts. The overall sales of Apple tablets in China was 71 percent of sales in third quarter beating second place Lenovo that stands on 10 percent with a huge margin.
Samsung just holds 3.5 per cent of market shares behind popular local giant Ereneben at 3.6 per cent and ahead of Acer at 3 per cent. 
Analysys International also reported that the sale of tablets has grew by 65 percent on year-to-year basis and 11.3 per cent quarter-to-quarter basis. Total of over 2.6 million units were sold during the quarter.