Amazon Cloud player

A new Cloud Player application for Apple’s iOS devices has been launched by Amazon on Tuesday.It has come as alternative to Google Play music as Amazon’s Cloud Player allows users to upload music to a cloud locker and then stream songs to any computer, tablet or Android smart phone.

Amazon was first to offer a cloud-based music locker back in March beating out competitors Google and Apple. Despite its early arrival, Amazon’s Cloud Drive and Cloud Player services still have a tough battle ahead against the imminent iCloud-powered iTunes juggernaut. Perhaps as a preemptive measure, Amazon today announced several new improvements to its cloud music service that hopes to lure new users with unlimited music storage.Additionally, users can also stream their music collections to an Apple iPhone or iPod touch. The service includes 5GB of free storage and users have the option to pay a yearly fee for additional space on Amazon’s servers. Cloud Player for iOS is a free app and it available immediately in Apple’s App Store. Link :-