Add Amazon associate to blogger
Adding Amazone associate to blogger is very easy. Linking to Amazon products on your blog can generate significant income. However, your earning will depend on your blog topic and incoming traffic. Before,adding Amazone widget to your Blog you must understand that your widget must contain the links related to general content of your blog. Another option is to add a generic Amazon widget such as the Deals Widget to get bargain hunters and impulse buyers from your readership.
First of all you have to go to Make your account there. Then type the link select the widget you want e.g Carousel add to website.from there you can select an option e.g best sellers and then the required clicking next step ultimately you will get an HTML code like the below one:-

Copy the HTML code. Go to Blogger –> Layout–>click add Gadget–>HTML–>and pate the code as mentioned above…

Your site will contain the amazone associate widget for blogger as mentioned above.You can check your earnings by logging in at Amazone and by clicking–> your earnings