Add a background image to Blogger post
You can easily add a back ground 
image to blogger post as you can see
in my this post.Even you can add 
background to some portion of your 
post or to scroll bar 

.(How to Add scroll bar to blogger

You have to follow two steps

  • Upload a desired image you want to use as background to any image hosting website
  • Edit HTML code within your POST to display the background
1. Uploading the image (you want to use as background ) is very easy.Just read the article Upload image to Blogger Host. And copy the URL reference where your image is uploaded.

2. The URL is basically the reference of the image where you have uploaded your image.Now you have to use this image refrence in your code.

6. Now add following code to display the background image

Your text goes here….

e.g I uploaded a background image to blogger and copied its reference code:

Your text goes here….

To Know how to upload desired Blogger image to a Blogger host and copy the reference URLwhere your image was uploaded Read this post