Etechcrunch is a leading national and international news publisher that brings quality news related to technology, sports, new gadgets, innovative technologies, finance, Crypto and block chain technology. Etechcrunch was established in year 2012 by Pakcreative Group and founded by Qasim Yousafzai. Etechcrunch’s editorial mission is to inform the masses about latest technological trends and lead the national discussion on innovative technologies transformation and adoption.

Etechcrunch focuses on the “must-see, must-share” stories of the day. Our team of talented journalists and reporters that includes Sana Waqar, Perry Jones,Shazia Khan, Khizra Zaheer, Aamir Ishaque, and Qasim put their best to update visitors about latest happenings in the field of Technology and

Our Team

Qasim Yousafzai (Founder and CEO)

Qasim Yousafazai is the founder of and has over 15 years of experience in telecom sector and holds Master degree.

Shazia Khan

Fatima is a digital marketing professional and a seasoned content writer. She is a graduate and writes extensively on new technologies and gadgets.

Perry Jones

Perry Jones is a passionate blogger and his area of interests are blockchain and Crypto currencies

Khizra Zaheer

Khizra Zaheer is a freelance writer and contributor of high end articles for and a number of other blogs. She has experience of over 10 years of content writing, journalism, social media management, brand promotions, and campaign creations. She is also founder of More details can be found on her LinkedIn profile.

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