Wolfram Alpha, the “computational knowledge engine,” just launched a desktop app for Windows 7 PCs. After launching numerous iOS and Android apps (including for the B&N Nook and Amazon’s Kindle Fire), this is the first time Wolfram Alpha is introducing a dedicated desktop app for its service. The application costs $2.99 and is only available through Intel’s store.

 There are a few oddities here. First of all, it’s not clear why you would really need a dedicated desktop app for Wolfram Alpha. The app, after all, doesn’t really offer anything that the free web-based service doesn’t also offer. According to the product page, the main selling point here seems to be that you don’t need a browser to use it. For most people, using a browser isn’t much of a hassle these days. The only semi-compelling reasons to use the desktop app are that it comes with “a specialized keyboard” (that’s a software keyboard, of course, not a hardware one) and “extended copy and paste support.”